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ELC Funded or Self Funded Training - with you in mind

BV Associates Ltd is proud to be an approved training provider for the Enhanced Learning Credits scheme

"I completed the Nebosh General Certificate with BV Associates. Trainer Nik Taylor is absolutely brilliant - a real credit to the company. I've never had so much fun learning in my life. His extensive knowledge, direction and unique way of training is first class. I achieved a credit pass. I'm delighted. Thank you and keep up the great work!" Regards, 

Gem Davie

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Topics covered on this page (scroll down for more information):
  • Maximising your ELC Funding
  • ELCAS funded course options with BV Associates Ltd
  • e-Learning and blended course options
  • Choosing the right course
  • Using your ELCAS Funding
  • Useful MOD form downloads
  • Work Placements
1.  Maximise your ELCAS Funding with BV Associates Ltd:
We are ELCAS funded, an MOD preferred Supplier and registered as a provider on the CTP Preferred Supplier List (PSL).

We have training locations around the UK close to many MOD establishments, meaning that you don't have to pay extra for accommodation or travel - we know being comfortable each night in familiar surroundings increases your ability to learn, resulting in higher pass rates.  All students are responsible for booking their own accomodation and making their own travel arrangements.   

2.  ELCAS Funded Course Options:
To help you get the most from your ELCAS funding we deliver more Bundles & Packages than any other provider - why would you only complete a single course and waste 100's of pounds?
Single Course Options (click on the course link for more information):
NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
NEBOSH Certificate in Construction Management Health and Safety
NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management
NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management
NEBOSH International Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety
Our Packages (click on the package link for more information):

Complete all 5 courses (ELCAS Approved Package)
NEBOSH Practitioner (General plus Construction plus Fire plus Oil & Gas plus Environment)
Complete 2 courses (ELCAS Approved Package) including the General Certificate:
NEBOSH General plus Construction
NEBOSH General plus Fire Safety
NEBOSH General plus Oil & Gas
NEBOSH General plus Environment

Complete 2 courses (ELCAS Approved Package) including the Construction Certificate:
(must have completed GC1)

NEBOSH Construction plus Fire Safety
NEBOSH Construction plus Environment
NEBOSH Construction plus Oil & Gas

Other 2 course (ELCAS Approved) packages:
​(must have completed GC1)

NEBOSH Fire Safety plus Oil & Gas
NEBOSH Fire Safety 
plus Environment
NEBOSH Environment 
plus Oil & Gas

Complete 3 courses (ELCAS Approved Package) including General Certificate:
NEBOSH General plus Construction plus Oil & Gas
NEBOSH General 
plus Fire Safety plus Environment
NEBOSH General 
plus Construction plus Fire Safety
NEBOSH General 
plus Construction plus Environment

NEBOSH Fire Safety 
plus Oil & Gas plus Environment
(excludes GC1)
Other 3 (ELCAS Approved) course packages:
(all include GC1 Element 1 of the General course needed to get the qualification parchment): 

NEBOSH GC1 plus Construction plus Oil & Gas
NEBOSH GC1 plus Fire Safety plus Environment
NEBOSH GC1 plus Construction plus Fire Safety plus Environment
NEBOSH GC1 plus Construction plus Oil & Gas plus Environment
NEBOSH GC1 plus Environment plus Oil & Gas
NEBOSH GC1 plus Fire Safety plus Oil & Gas

          Contact us for more information on 01494 864100 or email 
or downlaod our complete list of possible NEBOSH course combinations by clicking on the link below:

BV Associates Ltd - NEBOSH Course and Package Combinations.pdf

​"I’ve just received great news from NEBOSH that I have passed the National General Certificate, this was following my attendance on your course in August this year.  I would just like to say that I was very impressed by the quality of the administration both prior and during the course.  The real jewel in the crown was Nick Taylor the course instructor, his enthusiasm, knowledge and ability to impart information was first class.  The qualification has a daunting reputation and it is indeed a great qualification to hold, Nick and the rest of the BV Associates team should be justly proud of the great way in which they engender confidence in their students, I am testament to this. I have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my work colleagues or friends in the future."  

Sean Chapman, CBRE H&S Advisor
3.  ELCAS funded blended E-learning with you in mind!
No time to attend the full classroom based courses then why not sign up for one of our e-learning courses.  You will have 12-months to complete your courses and the cost includes your examinations.  You decide where to attend the first week and when you sit one of our UK wide exams.

Our blended training puts you in front of our highly capable instructors for your first week of training so you understand the principles of Health & Safety before setting you on your way.  We provide everything you need to complete your training on line and we will offer support and guidance throughout. 

4.  Unsure of which course to do?
We are often asked what are the best qualifications to achieve as Service Leavers.  Of course this really depends on the employment sector that you wish to end up in. 
In the initial stages it is about enhancing your existing experience with civilian recognised qualifications. 
Deciding which way to turn is the hardest thing to do (we know first hand) so play to your strengths and lean on your career to date, taking every opportunity to add qualifications to your portfolio/CV.
Having taken advice from employers, watched and assisted many Service personnel over the years we would recommend the following as a guide:

A.  ELCAS 1:
  • Timescale:  Whilst still serving (perhaps 4-years out), use your 1st ELCAS to baseline your qualifications allowing time to build upon your experience to enhance any CV. 
  • Recommended package:  Complete the NEBOSH General and Fire Safety Certificates.
  • Cost: £2000 Higher Tier ELCAS + a £500 personal contribution spread out over 5 months at £100 a month (Lower Tier = £1000 towards the cost).
  • All managers  and supervisors (even those who are self-employed) are required to plan, advise and implement H&S.
B.  ELCAS 2:
  • Timescale:  Whilst still serving (perhaps 2-years out), use your 2nd ELCAS to reinforce your existing NEBOSH qualification.
  • Recommended package:  Complete the NEBOSH Environmental Management and NEBOSH Construction Certificates.
  • Cost: £2000 Higher Tier ELCAS + a £500 personal contribution spread out over 5 months at £100 a month (Lower Tier = £1000 towards the cost).
C.  ELCAS 3:
  • Timescale:  Perhaps in your last year to 6-months.
  • Recommended: Start looking for employment opportunities to identify what the potential employer is looking for in terms of specific job related qualifications.  Then focus your last ELCAS on these.  This could be Logistics (LM), Project (PM) or Facilities Management (FM) training, ofshore courses, rail inductry related courses.
  • Advice:  You don't have to use all of your ELCAS whilst still serving as you have the option to spend them after you have left.  However, the more qualifications you complete in service-time the better prepared you will be ahead of your enevitable departure. 
  • Tip: Consider keeping an ELCAS claim for the future for a rainy day.  Alternatively, at interview your potential employer may say, "If you only had a qualification in ...."  In which case you can suggest using your last ELCAS to fund the course to increase your chances of securing a position.
5.  Using your ELCAS Funding:

As an ELCAS Registered Provider and a Preferred Supplier to the MOD’s Career Transition Partnership (CTP) programme, we are delighted to offer Service personall (current or retired) a number of packages to help them to maximise their ELCAS entitlement.  Sit back and let us do the running around!

Booking a course with us could not be simpler – we will even send you a PDF copy of the ELCAS paperwork to assist you with making a claim.

If you would like to book a course or make an enquiry please follow the steps below:
  • Select a course or ELCAS package by simply clicking here and following the on-screen instructions.
  • Call 01494 864100.
  • E-mail in order to register your interest.
"A big thank you to Dean, Chris and all the staff from BVA. My journey from soldier to civilian was made so much easier with the qualifications that I have earned. After completing the NEBOSH General Certificate, NEBOSH Fire, CIEH Risk Assessor and the First aid at work courses, my CV was positively bulging with everything I needed to help me get my job, which took 10 job applications, 1 interview and a job offer the same day!"

Steve Lord : Royal Engineer and now Group Health & Safety Officer for Larasian Electronics Ltd


Case Study:

"I was concerned about not getting anything booked as I was deploying to Op Herrick 13 in 2 weeks and didn’t have any time to organise my resettlement. After talking to them for 15 minuets I was so much better prepared and they booked all my courses and completed all the paperwork for me, he also kept my wife Laura up to date with every thing in my absence. When I returned from Afghanistan everything was in place and I completed the NEBOSH general course.

The course was perfectly pitched to accommodate all of the students including military and civilian professionals. The course content was structured in such a way that everything was covered and given equal emphasis. Both during the course and in the evening all the instructors gladly gave their time for any extra tuition when needed. As soon as I finished the exam I knew that I had passed because I knew we had covered everything within both papers.

Immediately following the course I started looking for the next course to do and booked the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management. This course was ran in the same manner and following the exam I felt confident that I had covered all the areas highlighted and gave clear answers to all of the questions. During the Environmental course Dean approached me with an offer of a work placement to gain experience in order to prepare myself for life outside the army and in a health and safety role.

I then started at Ravensbourne University in London and felt secure in the knowledge that I had the support of Chris and Dean at all hours of the day. I have now been offered a permanent position as the Health, Safety, Environmental and Compliance Manager at Ravensbourne and had a seamless transition from my military career into my new and exciting position.

I would recommend the Training4Forces Portal to anyone thinking of leaving the military as Chris and Dean have been in the same position and understand the pressures of making the transition because they have been there too. I have also seen them in both instructional and professional roles and in each they are constant professionals. Both Laura and I am glad of our accidental meeting as they have truly helped us through one of the hardest times of my life."

Dean Spratt
Cpl now Mr.


"Thank you very kindly for your help and support throughout and I will certainly recommend you as an outstanding provider. It has been an absolute pleasure to train with yourselves and I wish you the very best for the future."

Stephen Williams