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Level 2 Award
in Risk Assessment

We can visit your organisation and deliver bespoke training on site, tailored to your needs and any potential issues that might be unique to your business. This option will also enable you to save on travel and accommodation costs, whilst training a whole team at your workplace is often more cost-effective too

Learning within the workplace allows delegates to take time out to study whilst being available to respond to emergency situations if required. Being on site and learning with colleagues can make it easier to gain practical, relevant advice too


Minimum Numbers: 

6 (maximum 12)
Who needs this qualification?  For those who need to understand the basic principles of risk assessment
Program Outline:
•    Main causes of accidents and ill health, and their implications for people in the workplace
•    Legal requirements for risk assessment
•    Hazards, risks and control measures
•    The five steps of risk assessment
•    The hierarchy of control
•    Risk assessment review and record keeping
Learning Outcomes:
•    Ability to contribute both to the maintenance of a safe work environment and to the process of formal risk assessment
•    Understanding the legal requirements for risk assessments
•    Candidates complete an online risk assessment task (untimed) 

•    Tasks marked by independent examiners
•    Results and certificates issued within 10 working days

Course Prices:

£195 + VAT (plus Exam Fees at £38 per person) 
Cost for 6 on the course delivered in house: £1170 + VAT (plus Exam Fees at £38 per person) 
Train 12 for the price of 10 £1950 + VAT (plus Exam Fees at £38 per person) 
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