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Why choose us:

Professional Development or Resettlement - whatever stage of your career we understand your needs.

Guaranteed Pass - fail any exam and you can take the whole course again for free - you will only pay the exam fee. That's our pass promise.

Highest Pass Rates - we have some of the highest exam passrates of any provider.

We are strategically placed - covering the whole of the UK.

We make it easy - our administrative team will put you at ease knowing that we have everything in hand allowing you to focus on whatever else life is throwing at you.

We are realistically priced - quality is at the very forefront of what we do, without compromise.

Expertise matters - we only use fully qualified and experienced professionals to impart reassurance and knowledge.

Our delivery is only Face-to-Face - we feel that this reflects the best training experience for learning, imbeds confidence through group learning and ultimately achieves the best pass rates.

Whenever, Wherever and Whatever - we can design and run bespoke or in-house training whenever you need it, wherever you are and whatever your requirement.

"BV Associates' professionalism and dedication to those they support, through possibly the most trauamatic part of their working life, is second to none."
Mark Eaves
"BVA is more than a training provider and you get far more than you would expect. The team understand your needs and help you every step of the way, even after the training ends."
Andy Peters
"Thank you so very much for the fantastic news about my exam results. It was clearly worth all the study. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I am really looking forward to attending further
Steve Abbott