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Fire Safety in Principle & Practice (in-house only)
It makes sense for all of your staff to know what to do in the event of a fire, how to use the various kinds of fire extinguishers effectively and how to stop a small fire getting out of control.  This course will make sure that your team are all aware of the main fire safety principles.  

Our 2-hour Fire Safety in Principles & Practice course allows candidates to develop their basic fire safety awareness.  The course builds confidence through the use of a practical demonstration and student participation.  

This course is delivered on-site at your location - we come to you!

Outline programme:  
  • Fire hazards
  • Fire control methods
  • Fire detection and raising the alarm
  • Fixed fire-fighting systems
  • Legal duties and penalties
  • Practical

Duration: 2-hours

Minimum Course Loading: 6
(Max. 12 per session)

Course Prices:

Cost: £40 + VAT per person

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