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Health and Safety Awareness (HSA)

About this course:  Our one-day HSA course is designed to aid the understanding of potential hazards that a construction worker may face on site.  It provides a practical summary of health, safety, welfare and environmental issues. It identifies the delegate’s responsibilities for looking after themselves and others. It will also outline the employer’s duties and explain what should be done if the worker thinks that anyone’s health and safety is being put at risk.  The course is an ideal foundation for those wishing to obtain an industry site card.  The course provides health and safety awareness and is endorsed by Build UK as standard training for all operatives on site who require a CSCS Labourer Card. 

Aims:  The course will ensure the individual responsibilities of the worker are understood. 

  • Why they are carrying out their identified duties. 
  • What is expected of them.
  • How they contribute to the safety of the workplace. 

Assessment:  Assessment will be by multiple-choice question paper at the end of the course. Delegates are also expected to actively participate during the course. 

Delegate numbers:  The minimum number of delegates per course is 4. The maximum number of delegates per course is 20.

Course duration:  This is a one-day course. Delegates are required to complete the full day (7.5 hours) to be eligible for certification. 

Learning outcomes:  Delegates taking this course will be able to achieve all of the learning outcomes listed below by the end of the course. 

  • State the general responsibilities for health and safety at work 
  • Accident reporting and recording
  • State the common causes of work-related ill health. Identify the risks and how you can reduce those risks 
  • State the first aid and emergency procedures and know your role within them 
  • Identify the rules for personal protective equipment (PPE), the common forms and their use 
  • List the risks of asbestos in the workplace, how to work with it and its management 
  • State the risks and how to mitigate workplace respiratory hazards 
  • State the health risk of excessive noise and vibration and how to mitigate those risks 
  • Identify the hazardous substances within the workplace and their role to ensure risks are mitigated 
  • Identify the risks of manual handling, how to recognise activities that pose a risk
  • Identify the safety signs and signals on site 
  • Identify the importance of providing a safe place to work and individual responsibilities 
  • Identify the common risks associated with electricity and equipment
  • State how to work safely around site and the risks from plant and moving machinery 
  • State the importance of planning lifting operations and the care of equipment 
  • Identify the risks of working at height, how to plan and employ a safe system of work and the use of access equipment 
  • State the main dangers of excavations, and how to follow a safe system of working near or in excavations 
  • State the definition of a confined space and how to work safely within a safe system of work 
  • State your role in preventing environmental damage on site 
  • State your role in preventing pollution 
  • Explain how environmental damage can occur from improper management of waste materials 
  • Explain your part in reducing nuisance (for example, noise, dust and light) 

Course Prices:

Cost per student: £125 + VAT

Costs for 4 students (or in house): £500 + VAT

Cost for 10 students (or in house): Please contact us to discuss potential discounts. 

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