Click a file in the list below to download it.

Click a folder on the left hand side to view items within. The folders are seperated in relation to each course.

I have not received my joining instructions.
Answer Your joining instructions are sent out approximately two weeks prior to the course. They will be sent electronically to the e-mail you supplied on booking. On opening the e-mail, simply click the link supplied to view and download.
I have received my CAN from ELCAS. Now what should I do?
Answer Please fax your CAN to us on 01494 864100.  If you do not have access to a fax you can scan it and send it to us on or if you have a Smartphone you CAN send a clear picture to us on 07947 405856. In all cases we will send a confirmation email acknowledging its receipt.”
How do I pay my personal contribution?
Answer Payment can be made through your bank using our banking details on your invoice or simply call us on 01494 864100 and we can take credit or debit card payment over the phone.
I have a military form that needs signing by the course provider. What shall I do?
Answer Fax the form to us on 01494 864100. We will process it within a few days and fax it back to you. Please ensure that you include your fax number when sending.
How do I access pre-course reading?
Answer In the top right corner of the website, there is a small tab saying 'Student Zone'.
There are two textfields in this tab (white box with light-blue border).
Enter your email address and the password we provided in these fields.

Click 'Go'.

A popup will appear, which contains all the files for your course.
Click the files to download them.
What is a course package?
Answer A course package is simply a group of courses that compliment eachother.

The benefits of a course package:
  • It works out cheaper to book as a package
  • It's alot easier to rearrange
  • Financing becomes easier - only the one claim
If I need to change a course date, what shall I do?
Answer Please call us on 01494 864100 or mail us at at your earliest conviencence and we can discuss your options with you.